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How much does Bollington Community Centre cost? Prices & FAQs

The main room of the community centre costs £18/hour to hire. We take bookings in half hour slots with a minimum booking of 1 hour. Each half hour is charged at £9.

The upstairs rooms cost £9 per hour and again a minimum hire of 1 hour per booking.

Bookings can be made through the website using the buttons below. If you wish to hire the entire hall please add the main room and upstairs rooms to your basket and checkout.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have tables and chairs I can use?

Tables and chairs are available in all rooms and additional chairs and tables are in the corridor.  Use as many as needed.  All we ask is that you wipe them down and put them back where you got them from when you have finished using them.

Do you have crockery and glasses I can use in the kitchen?

Crockery and Glasses are available in the kitchen.  There is a dishwasher available to wash them after use.

Can I cook in the kitchen do you have an oven?

We have a full catering sized oven which can be used by people who  hire the main room.  Instructions for use will be given when you are given access to the centre.

Can I book the hall for multiple days?

Yes you can book the hall for multiple days.  This needs to be done for each of the days unless you want to make this a regular occurrence.  If you do then please contact Win Gleave for more details.

How do I book the hall every week or every month?

Please contact Win Gleave for more details on how this is done Win Gleave 07815672413.

What happens about cleaning up after I use the hall?

We ask that you wipe down all tables and chairs used and clean and put away anything used in the kitchen.  Please try to leave the centre as you found it.

Can we serve alcohol in the hall?

We do not have a license to serve alcohol.  It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure they have a license if serving alcohol.

How many people can I have in the hall?

The main room takes up to 50 people.  The upstairs rooms are smaller and we suggest no more than 10-12 people per room.

How many toilets are there?

There are 4 male and 4 female toilets.

Do I have to pay for heating? How do you heat the hall?

Cost of heating is part of the cost of hiring the centre.  The heating will be switched on electronically an hour before your booking and switched off at the time your booking ends.  If you have an issue with the heating in the hall please contact David Brown.

Do you have projection facilities and internet access?

We do not have projection facilities, however internet access is available at the centre.

Do you have disabled access at the centre

Downstairs is fully accessible for all.  It is on one level and the doors are wide enough for wheelchair access and there is a disabled toilet.  However, upstairs is NOT fully accessible.  There is no lift and the stairs are steep so not accessible for wheelchairs.

Is there any room outside that can be used when hiring the centre?

The centre has a small garden at the back of the property which can be used by those hiring the centre for no additional charge.

I am cycling to the centre, is there somewhere what I can safely leave my bicycle?

Bicycles can be left at the back of the centre (in the garden). The centre has gates / fences all round which can be closed hence stopping people from just walking in.

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